Building a garden kitchen 7 – Installing sockets, lights and switches

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In this video, I show you how I install the sockets, light switches and lamps in my new garden kitchen. The ambience is embellished with LED RGBIC lighting and the connections for the entertainment are prepared.

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In my latest YouTube video, I show the further construction of my garden kitchen, in which I concentrate on installing the electrics.

I installed sockets and light switches that can control four different circuits and pulled the cables through empty conduits to large distribution boxes, where I connected them securely with WAGO terminals.

One special feature is the installation of a separate socket for my Napoleon PHANTOM P500 gas barbecue, which I have modified so that it now runs on electricity instead of a battery box.

For the lighting, I chose LED lamps with variable light colors and brightness levels.

One highlight is the hidden Govee RGBIC light strip at the pool bar, which creates an impressive play of light with 16.7 million color combinations and the ability to react to sounds and music.

I also installed the water and waste water connections for the sink, although I only provided cold water for the time being.

However, by installing an additional tap and another socket, I have already created the conditions for installing a water heater at a later date to make hot water available in the garden kitchen.


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